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viernes, 25 de marzo de 2011

Reading comprehension text with present continuous

 Read the text and answer the questions:

I´m sitting on the beach, eating an icecream, Alice and
Paul are swimming in the sea and Tom is in the park.
He´s playing with a friend. Peter is listening to the radio
and reading.
We´re having a fantastic holiday. Abercwm is a little
fishing village in north Wales with a park, a castle,some
Roman remains and some lovely gardens, and theres a little
fishing port with a lighthouse. Everybody here is really
friendly. I think we´re lucky. This is our second holiday
this year and we´re doing just what we want to do:sleeping
eating and playing games. The food is lovely too.
remains= ruinas
fishing village= pueblito pesquero
lighthouse= faro
lucky= con suerte

1) What´s the author of the text doing?
2) What are Alice and Paul doing?
3) What is Peter doing?
4) Where´s Tom?
5) Where´s Abercwm?

2 comentarios:

  1. Answers:

    She´s sitting on the beach eating an icecream.
    They´re swimming.
    He´s listening to the radio and reading.
    He´in the park.
    It´s in North Wales.

  2. 1. She is sitting on the beach, eating an icecream.
    2. They are swimming.
    3. He is listening to the radio and reading.
    4. He is in the park.
    5. It id north wales.