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sábado, 9 de abril de 2011

Reading comprehension text with present continuous (exercise 2)

It is the afternoon and the family is at home.
Anna´s mother and  father are in the dining room,
writing letters. Her uncle and aunt are in the sitting
room: Ben´s reading a book and Rita´s watching
TV. Katherine´s in the garden playing football
with Margaret´s brothers.Anna´s brother and sister
are playing with their trains in the attic. William´s in
the kitchen. he´s making coffee with two of his cousins.
Anna´s in her bedroom,reading a comic.

Answer these questions:

1)What´s Ben doing?_________________________
2) Where´s Rita? ____________________________
3)What´s Katherine doing?_____________________
4) Where is she?_____________________________
5) Where´s William? __________________________
6) What´s he doing?__________________________

4 comentarios:

  1. Answers:

    1-He´s reading a book.
    2-She´s in the sitting room.
    3-She´s playing football.
    4-She´s in the garden.
    5-He´s in the kitchen.
    6-He´s making coffee.

  2. 1)Ben is reading a book
    2)Rita is in the sitting room
    3)Katherine is playing football
    4)She is in the garden
    5)William in the kitchen
    6)He is making coffee

  3. 1) Ben's reading a book
    2) Rita's in the sitting room
    3) Katherine 's playing football
    4) William' s in the kitchen
    5) He's making coffe

  4. 1) Ben´s reading a book
    2) Rita is in the sitting room
    3) Katherine´s playing football with Margaret´s brothers
    4) Katherine´s in the garden
    5) William´s in the kitchen
    6) He´s making coffee with two of his cousins.